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When looking for chimney stack removal or chimney repairs then GNR Roofing are you go to contact. Fully insured and registered competent roofers we are the ideal choice for all chimney works

Undertaking the safe removal of a chimney stack requires skilled craftsmen and knowledge. If your chimney stack is showing signs of wear or is beginning to lean we can also arrange for this to be fixed or removed.

If you have recently noticed damp patches appearing internally around your chimney breast this is the first warning signs of a chimney problem and its best to get it resolved quickly.

Our Chimney Repairs Include

  • Replacement of flashing
  • Re-pointing of mortar joints
  • Water sealer for your chimney
  • Securing or replacement of loose chimney pots or gas cowls
  • Sealing up of chimneys and any disused flues
  • Safe Removal of the Chimney Stack
  • Flaunching The Chimney
  • Leaning Chimney Repairs

Chimney repairs faq's

What does chimney repair cost?

This has a number of variables which include but are not limited to the nature of the repair. If it is general repairs such as re flaunching the chimney this would be considerably cheaper than having to rebuild a chimney stack. We recommend having a survey completed to establish what works are required.

Why repair chimney flashing?

Chimney Flashing is the link between the chimney and roof this ensures a water tight seal using metal usually lead. If this has become split, worn or broken it is likely you will see damp occuring on the chimney breast.

Will insurance cover chimney repair?

Chimney damage coverage, If you notice your chimney is damaged it will depend on the severity of the damage and how the damage occurred this will ultimately determine if your homeowner’s insurance will cover your chimney damage incurred due to age or wear and tear is likely not to be covered by your provider. We recommend you read your insurance policy or contact your insurance provider for further details.

Chimney Repair or Replacment?

An assement of the chimney’s condition will be required to establish if it is indeed repairable. If the chimney is repairable then a quotation will be provide for the works required to repair. If the chimney is deemed unrepairable it will require replacing or removing.

Who cleans chimneys?

A chimney sweep would be the first port of call to have your chimney swept and checked for any issues. A stove engineer would be happy to help you identify any issues with your chimney and provide a sweep.

How to repair chimney liner?

The chimney liner is the link between your stove and the exit of the chimney pot. If your liner has been compromised we would advise you seek the expertise of a HETAS engineer to check and provide you with a fix. We highly recommend Hot Box Stoves for this element of work.

Leaning chimney stack

Leaning chimney stacks are not a design feature they are a sure fire sign that there is something wrong! Chimneys can contain a wide range of defects including dislodged pots leaks and of course leaning.

Furthermore, Chimneys being the highest point of any building are ultimately prone to the extremities of the weather the combination of strong winds, heavy rain, and snow coupled with chemical corrosion from intense heat and rapid cooling will eventually weaken its structure.

Moreover, The biggest issue with a leaning chimney stack is the risk of it falling an unstable chimney is a big accident waiting to happen. Whether it falls through your roof or onto the floor below it can cause some serious problems. GNR Roofing advise you have any chimney defects addressed as soon as possible to avoid any future issues arising.

Leaning Chimney Stack

Parts of a chimney

Chimney Flue

The exit point for all your wood burning or stove fumes. Collected usually through a flue liner or directly through the chimney itself and exited out through the chimney pots.

Chimney Pots

The decorative finishes to any chimney available in a range of shapes and sizes these are cemented into the top of the chimney and allow the chemicals to extract into the atmosphere.

Chimney Stack Flaunching

Chimney stack flaunching is providing a cement bed to the top of the chimney stack in which the chimney pots are fixed. Flaunching also helps prevent rainwater permeating the top courses of the chimney stack brickwork.

Chimney Stack

The structure of any chimney is known as the stack layers of brickwork in even courses due to its exposure to bad weather it is common that brickwork becomes broken or damaged and the joints require repointing.

Chimney Flashing

A flashing is a sheet metal usually lead that connects the chimney to the roof for the purpose of ensuring a watertight finish. We recommend having your leadwork undertaken by a professional leadworker. GNR have a team of highly skilled leadworkers that would be suitable for this job.

The different parts of a chimney

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