Competent roofer scheme

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Competentroofer is a government licensed scheme that gives roofers the opportunity to self certify their work complies to the strict building regulations.

As a result, Competent Roofer has not been restricted to a certain roof type it is available across all platforms including domestic, industrial and commercial.

Why choose a competent roofer?

Most noteworthy, By choosing or hiring a competent roofer you certainly have made the right choice for a whole host of reasons. Not only can it save you time and money but you will have additional reassurance that the work will be compliant to all relevant standards and more importantly all legal obligations are met.

  • All contractors that are competentroofer certified undergo a full audit and inspection before joining the scheme and regular inspections are completed throughout the membership.
  • Each competentroofer must work to the current building regulations not only that each member is audited against the most up to the date of British standards.
  • A competentroofer has the unique ability to self certify that the work completed complies to the building regulations.
  • 10 Year insurance backed guarantee is also included with notification of any roof refurbishments up to a value of £50,000 and where the building height is 4 storeys or less.

When did competent roofer start?

What is competent roofer?

Simply competentroofer provides certification within the roofing industry. Competent Person scheme operator under the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Building Regulations. For the replacement of roof coverings on all roof types.

When 50% or more of the total roof covering is being replaced, it is a legal requirement to notify your local authority building control. To ensure you comply with all building regulations. A competentroofer is able to self certify that their work is compliant with all building regulations they will also notify the LABC when the work is taking place and upon completion.

Therefore hiring a competentroofer will reduce the stress and hassle and of course cost of having to involve the LABC or an approved inspector.

How can I tell if my roofer is a competentroofer?

This is a very good question. To ensure the members of the Competent Roofer scheme are recognisable there a number of checks you can make. To ensure the contractor your hiring is fully up to date with there registration and have been inspected and audited.

Even more, The most surefire way to check is by using the postcode search tool provided by the competentroofer scheme.

Contractors that are registered members of the scheme are provided the use of the Competent roofer logo. This can be displayed on there vans, paperwork or website.

Competent Roofer Registered

Further, each member is fully registered and issued with a membership number which is renewed annually. If you still have doubts you are welcome to contact the scheme directly on 0207 448 3189.

Commercial Works

Furthermore, Complying to building regulations is important to all projects. Especially larger commercial jobs, choosing a competent roofer can reduce the burden. As all work is self-certified and will comply to the latest British standards.

Moreover, All work is notified to the LABC by the contractor upon completion. A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate is issued and for the projects under £50,000 a 10-year insurance backed guarantee. This will provide additional piece of mind and avoid multiple site visits from the LABC.