Location: Spofforth Hill, Wetherby
Materials Used: Fibre-cement slates,
Codes 3 and 5 lead,
Dry ridge system,
Timber battens,
Proctor Roofshield
Project Duration: 4 weeks
Project Description: This bungalow in Wetherby presented one of our more unusual re-roofing projects in recent times.
The existing roof covering was cedar shingles that had, with time, become riddled with moss. The existing roof structure was not suited to the task, as the weight of the absorbent moss was a significant burden on it, so we needed to find an alternative to ensure a satisfactory result. This would be fairly straight-forward; however, the pitch of the roof eliminated many alternative coverings as it was too low for many manufacturers to recommend their products with any degree of efficacy or suitability.
We used fibre-cement slates in the end for their light weight and their low-pitch usage; this made them an ideal solution to this particular challenge. We also replaced all of the lead work, which was a simpler process.
Both we and the client felt the finished product was a significant upgrade aesthetically and in functionality.
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