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It is becoming increasingly popular for most mortgage lenders to insist that potential borrowers instruct an established experienced roofing contractor to inspect the roof of a property they are considering buying.

GNR Roofing Contractors can carry out an independent Roof Survey / Inspection on any property situated in or around York, Yorkshire or North Yorkshire prior to purchase. Details of this Survey / Inspection will be presented in the form of a professional Roof Report.

When do I need a report?


Looking at buying or renting a property then you absolutely should have a roof survey. It could potentially save you a lot of money and headaches later on. When looking at a property it is one of the most important elements to ensure longevity and no unexpected bills.


A good roof report can provide you with detailed information on the overall state of the roof covering and its expected life.


Identifying and repairing roof issues early can save you a lot of money in the long run. A good roof survey can highlight issues early on and enable a quick and less costly repair.


Chimney stacks can be prone to issues and require maintenance to ensure they are structurally safe. Your roof report will highlight any issues with the chimney stacks and provide you a good indication to any repairs required.


The British weather is prone to causing roofing issues  if you have sustained damage to your roof and require a survey to see what the issues are please contact us to arrange a survey.

Roof surveys

When dealing with roofing it is always best to instruct a professional roofing contractor with experience in the roofing industry. GNR roofing has over 30 years of roofing industry experience and are the perfect choice when looking for a roofing survey. Our experienced team of roofing operatives are ready to survey your property and have a detailed report created for you.

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What can a roof survey tell me?

  • The Actual Covering: Age | Expected Life | Condition | Suspected Leaks
  • Ridge Tiles: Mortar Condition | Ridge Iron Check | Ridge Tile Condition 
  • Valleys & Gulleys: Fatigue | Life Span | Poor Repairs | Mortar Condition
  • Chimney Stacks: Brickwork & Mortar Condition | Loose Chimney Pots | Worn Flaunching
  • Flat Roofs: Condition | Soft Spots | Covering Life Expectancy 
  • Roof Windows: Install Quality | Flashing Check | Cracked Glass
  • Dormer Windows: Covering | Condition | Longevity 
  • Roof Structure: External & Internal Checks | Sag | Spread | Purlin Supports | Internal Light | Condensation | Ventilation | Wall Plates