Location: Historic Church, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire
Materials Used: Stone slates
Sand cast lead.
Lime mortar.
Cast iron guttering.
Stainless steel standing seam roofing
Skills required: Specialist slating, stone slates in random widths and diminishing courses.
Specialist leadwork.
Hard Metal work using stainless steel.
Project Duration: 8 Weeks
Project Description: A temporary roof was erected to ensure the building remained watertight whilst the roof coverings and structure were extensively replaced.
A previous inspection had found a substantial amount of defective timber within the roof structure.
The roof coverings on the entire church, inclusive of the tower, were removed and the stone slates set aside. The repairs to the roof structure were quantified and carried out to facilitate the replacement of the roof covering.
Once the timber repairs had been carried out, the slates were reinstated and shortages made good with reclaimed stone slates to match.
All associated leadwork was replaced as part of the scheme. Further, an area of lead roof, vulnerable to theft, was reinstated in stainless steel with a standing seam detail.
Moreover, the guttering and fall pipes were replaced with new cast iron, painted black.
The roof to the tower was replaced inclusive of the substrate using sandcast lead. Four lead spitters were installed at each corner of the tower roof to discharge rainwater, an impressive sight on a rainy day.
A successful re roofing project of this historic church makes it usable for years to come.