Location: Third Avenue, York
Materials Used: New Chinese Gui Hua slates,
Codes 3 and 5 lead,
Dry ridge system,
Timber battens,
Proctor Roofshield
Project Duration 4 weeks
Project Description: An example of an ever-increasing trend for us: using new Chinese Gui Hua slates for re-roofing projects rather than reclaimed slates to match. We were once very sceptical of Chinese slates, but their results have been very impressive for us, so we always offer this as an alternative to reclaimed, as we can get a 75 year guarantee from the quarry for these.
For increased longevity, we also like to use new dry ridge systems, where possible, as mortar failure is the main reason for much repair work on homes well before the rest of the roof begins to show signs of fatigue.
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