Location: Union Terrace, York
Materials Used: Reclaimed slates,
Codes 3 and 5 lead,
Dry ridge system,
Timber battens,
Proctor Roofshield,
18mm plywood.
Project Duration 4 weeks
Project Description: A simple “up-and-over” terraced house in the middle of York: this makes up the bulk of our work. All very commonplace work with reclaimed slates, lead work to the chimney stack, and reflaunching the top of the stack whilst we were on site (at the client’s request). The main element of note is the coping capping that is code 5 lead atop an 18mm plywood substrate. We always advocate lead cappings on structures such as this, as it is much more durable and much less porous than stone or brick; plus, lead is a very traditional detail and looks superb.(The images of the lead capping are not quite finished. We have not just left a gap at the point the copings begin to rise up on the angle)