Location: Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Materials Used: Proctor Roofshield
Timber battens
New handmade plain tiles
Code 3 and 5 Lead
Lead Expansion Joint
Timber Guttering
Skills required: Craft Roofers
Lead work specialists
Project Duration / Client 8 weeks / Private client
Project Description: The roof coverings on the property had reached the end of their useful life and were beginning to allow water to ingress into certain parts.
A scheme was devised to replace the roof coverings with new handmade clay plain tiles.
Arranged around a central light well the internal elevations needed to be tackled first so that the scaffolding could then be removed without causing damage to the roof and to allow us to replace the large glazed lantern and the lead gutter lining around it.
A new full perimeter lead lined timber gutter was installed on the property prior to the new tiles being fitted. There were a number of details on the building which required a great deal of thought and were executed mostly in lead in order to tie the work together. We particularly like the lead covered stairs that allow the client safe access and egress into the central gutter area for maintenance.