Location: Huntington Road, York YO31
Materials Used: Reclaimed Welsh Slates, code 5 lead, Proctor Roofshield vapour permeable membrane, timber battens, insulation and bricks.
Skills required: Slating specialists


Specialist leadworkers

Bricklayers (chimney work)

Stove installation by Hot Box Stoves Limited

Project Duration 3 weeks
Client: Private domestic client
Project overview: The re-roofing of this Grade II listed property required sensitivity and attention to some of the finer details. Having been re-roofed in the recent past the workmanship was not to a very good standard.

The key element that had not been addressed during the previous scheme was the lead lining to the perimeter gutter and repairs to the parapet walls.

All of the perimeter gutters were removed, a new plywood substrate installed and the entire area lined with code 5 lead in accordance with Lead Sheet Association guidelines.

Whilst in progress, it came to light that the large central chimney stack shared between the two adjoining properties was in poor condition. The neighbours were advised and a joint decision was made to rebuild the chimney stack from roof level upwards.

The Details: ·         For a point of reference, when the neighbour’s roof had been replaced the contractor responsible had not set the battens so as to provide enough head lap on the slates. As a result, as part of our work, we separated the two roof areas by way of a soakered timber roll detail.

·         A fail safe overflow chute was also installed at each outlet for the gutter. This will allow water to chute over the existing gutter and alert the householder should the fall pipe and hopper become blocked and will serve to prevent water reaching a level where it can ingress into the property.

·         The flue coming through the roof is from a wood burning stove in one of the downstairs rooms. The existing masonry flue was horizontal and did not comply with Part J of building regulations.

·         Stove installed by Hot Box Stoves Limited www.hotboxstoves.co.uk

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