Zinc Roofing is becoming increasingly popular. Zinc, and hard metals generally, offer a durable and contemporary solution to a range of building envelopes. At GNR, our experienced zinc roofing operatives are capable of tackling even the most complex of structures.

We are active members of the FTMRC (Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors) As such are fully trained in all aspects of zinc and hard metal roofing. All 72 FTMRC members are stringently vetted to ensure that their work is undertaken to exacting industry standards.

The FTMRC is an indpendently operated trade federation of roofing specialists settting the highest quality standards as a member we can offer a unique 10 year insurance backed warranty.

Zinc details

As with all metal roofing, attention to detail is extremely important. Zinc roofing details have been standardised  in most part to ensure that such roofing and cladding applications are correctly executed. Zinc is an extremely versatile material, it can be formed to suit a number of applications, cut, folded, soldered. Most standard details such as valleys, gutters and vents are easy to form in zinc.

Colours of zinc

At GNR, our preferred supplier of zinc products is VM. With a long history, VM are ideally placed to provide the roofing industry with innovative zinc roofing and cladding products. In short, VM offer the following colour variations in their range of rolled zinc roofing products.

Natural zinc– Shiny in appearance until the oxidisation process takes hold. Natural zinc is a a versatile material that takes on its own patina over time. A great product to use when looking to blend with other materials on an existing roof or building. (see image)

Quartz Zinc –  A pre finished surface providing a contemporary look, VM Quartz is a popular choice when considering a modern appearance to a building envelope.

Anthra Zinc – Essentially Anthra Zinc is black in colour although it does have a subtle texture it provides a very contemporary finish. A popular choice of finish which can be mixed nicely with other VM colour options to provide project detail focus.

view zinc surface finishes

Zinc Projects completed

FAQ's about zinc roofing

Is zinc roofing cheaper than tiles?

Zinc roofing is not cheaper than tiles however there are many positives to using Zinc roofing that far outweigh the additional costs one being the longevity of the product and the usability it can provide when utilised on a project.

What is zinc roofing?

Zinc roofing is an extremely corrosion resistant material but can also offer further advantages over other metal roof types. Zinc roofing is self-healing meaning that if it gets scratched the zinc roofing material can recover over a period of time. Furthermore it has a low maintenance care regime.

How long does zinc roofing last?

Zinc is a great material and has a very long service life. Zinc is weatherproof and corrosion resistant therefore as a result can in theory last around 100 years without deterioration.

Why use zinc roofing?

There are a number of reasons to use zinc roofing we have narrowed them down into 3 core elements.

  1. Durability and Corrosion resistance – Zinc is most commonly known for its benefit to keep away corrosion unlike Iron and steel where people are still of the opinion that metals used in building are prone to moisture and rust. That is not the case when using Zinc, elements within zinc forms a thin layer called a patina this covers the material and therefore protects it from the outside elements. Moreover thanks to this element the patina does repair the roofs scratches and imperfections. Zinc roofs appeared in the 19th century and they still remain in a great condition today.
  2.  Availability and Ease of Use – Available from five elements zinc is the 24th most abundant element in the Earths crust. Therefore zinc is now one of the most commonly used metals in the world. The material is easy to use and shape to a wide range of applications.
  3. Qualifies as a “green” material – Being green (environmental friendly) is making waves throughout the building industry. People are always looking for ways to reduce energy costs and reduce or even eliminate any harmful impact to the environment. Zinc is a superb choice for an eco-friendly construction material as it requires less energy to produce and it is completely recyclable.
Zinc roofing cost per m2

As every roof structure is different we are unable to provide a meter squared price without first seeing the job specification. To obtain the best and most accurate price we invite you to request a no obligation survey by using the form below or contacting us on 01904 763 894.

Zinc roofing sheets price?

A common question we get asked is the price of a zinc roofing sheet. Zinc is actually provided on a roll and not a sheet and is priced by the kilo. This price can vary on a daily basis and is governed by the LME (London metal exchange) you can find the current trending price here; https://www.lme.com/en-GB/Metals/Non-ferrous/Zinc#tabIndex=0

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