Location: Prince Henry’s High School, Worcestershire
Materials Used:
Trades involved:
Project Description: One of the more unusual items that has been requested of us was the re-roofing of the clock tower in Prince Henry’s High School. This was a foray into unknown waters, as it were, with regards to restoring the actual clock tower, rather than the roofing aspect, but the actual work involved was relatively simple.
Essentially, the entirety of the wooden support to the clock tower was beginning to rot, and needed to be rebuilt; moreover, the whole tower needed repainting, and it required a thorough cleaning as well.
The first task was to remove the rather sizeable amounts of rotten timber, and clean down to the tower to facilitate the rest of our work. We installed a new lead sheet coating, on top of a new wooden base, to the clock tower turret, which gave the tower a beautiful appearance in keeping with the surrounding architecture.
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