Location: High Petergate, York
Materials Used: Arcadia pantiles,
Plain tiles,
Codes 3 and 5 lead,
Timber battens,
Proctor Roofshield
Project Duration 12 weeks
Project Description: Having re-roofed a neighbouring property so well in the past, the owner of this home at high Petergate wanted a similar level of quality on her Grade II listed building.
This was a very comprehensive package that involved all of the following: re-roofing several elevations in two types of tile, two new code 5 lead gutters atop new 18mm plywood decks, reconstructing the front elevation’s dormer and providing all new code 5 lead work and 18mm plywood decks, all other associated lead work, and new windows (courtesy of Houghtons of York).
Given the very small working areas, this was a fairly tricky job, but we got there in the end with everyone happy and pleased with the final result in the eye of the minster.
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