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Geoff Neal Roofing (GNR) specialises in residential, commercial, heritage, and ecclesiastical roofing projects. For over 30 years, we have gained extensive experience in re-roofing traditional and modern buildings of varying ages and types, using an array of materials. With roofing projects often a major undertaking, we strive to make the process as smooth as possible for our customers by offering ancillary services linked to roofing such as specialist leadwork, timberwork, insulation, chimney repairs, stonework, guttering, roof lights, and dormer windows. This way we can provide you with a complete roofing package. We can also save you time and money by arranging for any work to be signed off by building control through the Competent Roofer Scheme.

Roofing Types

As we are a leading Roofing Contractor we are commissioned to complete Domestic roofing on a regular basis. Built on over 30 years of heritage GNR has become a well-known brand and trusted company in the roofing sector.

Carrying out minor repairs to complete re-roofing we are equipped to deal with them all.

You will find that we can help with any of the following roof related items;

  • Complete Re-Roofs Slate & Tile
  • Guttering and Rainwater Replacement
  • Slate and Tile Repairs
  • Complete Flat Roofing System
  • Complex Lead Working to Bays and Flashings
  • Storm/Weather-related damage
  • Insurance claims and quotes
  • Extensions and New Build roofing
  • Dormer Extensions
  • Roof Light Installations

GNR Roofing carries out a vast number of Re-roofs every year. One of the larger projects is a complete Re-roof however we do complete works to commercial buildings, outhouses, and buildings as well as domestic. Our fully trained team of roofers are ready and waiting to complete your project.

Slate Re-Roofing

Slate is a natural choice for roofing given its unique properties and aesthetic looks. This material is durable and can have an expected lifespan of around 75 years. Compared to its artificial counterparts such as concrete tiles slate will stand the test of time.

Tiles Re-Roofing

Tiles are manufactured as a replacement to slate and were created as a cheaper alternative to using slate on your roof. The range is expansive including clay and concrete as an option with tiles and fittings readily available to purchase. You will find a complete range of tile types including interlocking and double lap tiles available from several suppliers the cost varies from tile to tile and brand to brand.

Some of our preferred suppliers are Marley Russel, Sandtotft, and Reland to name a few. Furthermore, these tiles are mainly machine made and concrete tile manufacturers have developed over the years to include various colours and finishes which can imitate the appearance of slate and other traditional roof coverings.

Reclaimed Tiles

Available from reclamation yards are traditional reclaimed tiles these tend to be handcrafted like pantiles or french gaeilics. These are popular around the York area and we have direct access to a wide range of reclaimed tiles from The Reclaimed Company.

Roof Maintenance 

Looking after a roof is big responsibility you can expect a tiled roof to lastup too 50 years and require little regular maintenance if installed correctly. If you have a slate roof you can expect it to last you around 70-75 years on average and like tiled roofs require little to no maintenance if correctly installed.

GNR Roofing specialise in Lead work to roof structures. Our team of highly skilled lead workers have a fine eye for detail and can provide a unique finish.

Working on a variety of jobs our lead work is second to none. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service which is designed to impress and last for years to come.

Did you know? That the lead work is as equally as important as the roof covering itself! You may notice a leak in your house and assume you have a broken tile on your roof? But most people fail to realise it could actually be your lead flashing that is at fault.

Over the 30 years of trading, it is more common than not that a leaky roof is down to the lead work and not a broken tile. From lead roofs, step flashing, cover flashing or decorative bays we make sure your lead is correctly installed, dressed and pointed potentially saving you unnecessary worry and expense in the future.

Having worked with lead for many years we are well versed in what the best lead will be for your job there are many factors when dealing with lead work and roofing British and European Standards (BS EN 12588:2006) specifies thickness tolerances and chemical composition required to produce a consistent micro-structure. The minimal variance in thickness means when you fit lead sheet to a roof, the extent of thermal movement can be accurately predicted and the correct fixing method adopted. This is particularly relevant when considering thermal movement and appropriate design and fixing methods, and gives you peace of mind that the job will be weathertight and not subject to cracking due.

After receiving your quoteation you may notice a lead code this represents the thickness and content of the lead below is a guide to each lead code and what they would be used for;

CodeThickness (mm)Weight (kg/m2)Recommended use(s)
 Code 3 1.3214.97Perfect for soakers
 Code 4 1.8020.41Flashings, soakers, pitched valley gutters, dormers and vertical cladding
 Code 5 2.2425.40Pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers, flashings, vertical cladding and flat roofs
 Code 6 2.6530.05Flashings, pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers and flat roofs
 Code 7 3.1535.72Pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers and flat roofs
 Code 8 3.5540.26Pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers and flat roofs
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Leading the way in domestic and industrial roofing GNR are pleased to offer Metal and flat roofing. With specialist knowledge and state of the art equipment, our experienced team of roofers are experts in installing zinc roofing.

Our highly trained team can offer their advice and expertise on finding the right metal for your roof. We are ready and available to provide you with a FREE no-obligation survey so you can find the right roof for your project.

Zinc & Flat Roofing FAQ's

How is Zinc Fitted?

Batten roll, standing seams, integral clipping and sliding clips are all laying methods of zinc roofing.

Do I need underlay?

Yes, there is Delta Trella™ or Vapozinc for Rheinzink material, or for VM material, use a VM breathable underlay for best results.

How much does zinc roofing cost?

It is best to get a survey to establish what area is required to be covered and we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Why Choose a Zinc Roof?

Zinc is resistant to corrosion, self-healing, a cost effective material and is 100% recyclable too.

An integral part of any property is the guttering and rainwater goods. Without these water management would not exist and could lead to major problems in the future.

Being in the York area of North Yorkshire we deal with a variety of buildings mainly traditional style houses and heritage sites throughout York itself and North Yorkshire. Cast Iron guttering are widely used across the region and is a long-term solution to guttering due to its impressive lifespan.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes you will find we can supply all you need not forgetting extras like hopper heads custom pieces which can be sourced to your specific building type. Moreover, cast iron is an incredibly environmentally friendly product.

As cast iron products tend to use in excess of 95% recycled material in its manufacture which in turn make them 100% recyclable. Cast Iron rainwater systems are a Greenpeace recommended drainage material due to its impressive lifespan, durability and environmental impact. It is highly likely any cast iron guttering system will last your lifetime.

More details about guttering

GNR Roofing specialise in Bay window lead top replacements offering a unique package to make the process simple.

Replace your old lead bay top with a brand new one from GNR Roofing and ensure that it is water tight and winter ready. Not only will replacing your bay top be a good investment it will add kerb appeal to your property.

If you are looking to sell your property and you have a bay window this is one of the first impressions your buyer will have the house. If the bay looks broken, old or just tired and worn this could be an off-putting sign that the house has been neglected.

Order your bay window top replacement online quickly and easily with GNR Roofing our friendly team will arrange a suitable date and time and complete the job as quickly as possible.

  • A recent survey found that 93 percent of the nation are more likely to attend a viewing if the house’s exterior is well maintained.
  • Nearly a third of Brits would pay more 25 percent more for a freshly painted home.
  • ‘In recent years we have seen homebuyers and renters move from unconsciously to consciously judge the appearance of home exterior,’ said property expert Kate Faulkner, ‘So it is becoming increasingly important to refine aesthetics even before the agent takes their photos to secure viewings and the best price.’

The top 5 exterior must haves are:

  • 1. Well-kept garden
  • 2. Well-kept windows and frames
  • 3. Fresh paintwork in neutral colours
  • 4. Front porch
  • 5. Stylish lighting

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