Location: Victorian Villa | Malton | North Yorkshire
Materials Used: New slates.
Treated softwood battens.
Breathable membrane.
Rolled lead sheet. Codes 3 and 5
Stone ridge tiles.
Roof lantern by Sunsquare.
Velux roof windows.
Skills required: Traditional slating.
Specialist Leadwork.
Joinery to form new central well area
Project Duration: 5 Weeks
Project Description: Re roofing work to a large Victorian villa in Malton.
The roof coverings had been repaired over the years and one of the key roof areas was poorly designed, allowing constant water ingress.
GNR were engaged to provide a sympathetic solution to re roof the property.
Further, to provide more light into the stairwell, we suggested that a roof lantern be installed.
A Sun square pyramid roof lantern was specified and integrate with t(e new lead roof covering to the central roof area.
More so, the existing Velux units were old and beginning to fail, all of the units were replaced with new Velux units as part of the work.
The project was a specialist in nature and involved multiple skill sets to execute to a high standard.
As part of the work, the thermal efficiency of the property was also improved. Rigid insulation was introduced between the rafters once the roof areas were stripped.
As with all of our re roofing projects the work was covered by our comprehensive warranty and building regulations approval was taken care of via the Compentent Roofer Scheme.
The property was significantly improved through a comprehensive schedule of work, a big thanks to our client for taking on board all of our suggestions and trusting in our levels of expertise.