Location: Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Materials Used: Handmade Goxhill plain tiles.
Rolled lead sheet.
Treated softwood battens.
Proctor Roofshield permeable underlay.
Arris hips.
Clay angle ridge tiles.
Lime mortar pointing.
Cast iron Guttering and fall pipes.
Skills required: Traditional tiling.
Specialist leadwork.
Mortar and masonry work.
Formation of close mitred valley details and installation of bonnet hips.
Project Duration: 4 Weeks
Project Description: This re-roofing project in Harrogate was undertaken on a traditional 1930’s detached property.
The client had a very specific view as to how he wanted the property to look after the work was complete. Importantly, the replacement roof coverings and other elements of work needed to be in keeping with the period of the property.
GNR were engaged to offer advice as to a blend of handmade clay plain tiles that would not look brand new and subsequently stark.
A handmade Goxhill plain tile was chosen in three different colours and mixed before being hoisted up to roof level.
The details were completed with new bedded hips to match the tiles along with a new close mitered valley detail.
All of the leadwork on the property was replaced and the end result is visually pleasing.