Location: Brownlow Street, York
Materials Used: Chinese Gui Hua slates,
Timber battens,
Proctor Roofshield,
Codes 3 and 5 lead work
Project Duration 4 weeks
Project Description: Our work at Brownlow Street was our “bread and butter”: a domestic re-roof with insulation and new lead work.
The client wanted new slates for this project, rather than reclaimed, but the cost of new Welsh slates is very high. We suggested using new Chinese Gui Hua slates, which are only marginally more expensive than the cost of using reclaimed slates. We had been wary of using Chinese slates in the past, but the results are fantastic as you can see in this case, and we would recommend them as a very slightly dearer option to reclaimed slates.
A fairly typical job for us, and we were very pleased with the result and quality of our team once again.
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