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Roof Repairs York & Routine Roof Maintenance

Looking after your house is no small task. As a property owner, it is important to keep your home in a good overall condition. It is a common trait that the roof is not thought of.

Roof repairs are apart of our remit as roofing contractors. If its slate or tile repairs then we will be able to assist.

Keep a regular check on the condition of your roof. This not only alerts you to any problems early but also allows them to be fixed. Therefore preventing any costly repairs or replacements in the future.

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How often should I clear my guttering?

Gutter clearing is a tricky task. Located at the base of your roof and usually two stories high it requires specialist equipment and access platforms. Depending on the area you live in and the surrounding conditions, for example, how many trees are overhanging, do you get a lot of birds? Is the roof shaded from sunlight? will determine the frequency you should have your guttering cleared.

Keeping a clear gutter will allow the guttering to do its job efficiently which is to remove excess water from the roof and its channels. A blocked gutter or insufficient water clearance can lead to damp, leaks, overflow and further damage to your property.

GNR Roofing provides you with a gutter cleaning and maintenance service. Cleaning and clearing all debris from your rainwater goods to ensure a clear flow is achieved and avoid any unwanted issues later on.

Booking a gutter clearance with GNR could not be simpler, Just follow the link to our routine roof maintenance page and complete the form.

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Broken or slipped tiles can they be fixed?

In most cases, we are able to identify the issue and provide you with an efficient fix. Our team will evaluate the issue and ensure that there are no underlying problems and provide you with a quotation to get your tile replaced.

Bad weather often is the cause of tiles slipping out of place, from high winds or heavy rain. Leaving a slipped or broken tile unrepaired can lead to further issues of water ingress into the loft voids and insulation. Causing damp and rotting to any exposed timbers.

GNR Roofing highly recommends you have any slates, tiles or roofing materials fixed before the issues become larger.

Who can I contact to fix my roofing tiles? – GNR roofing contractors are available to assess your problem and provide you with a fix. You can contact our office on 01904 763 894 or alternatively use our contact form on the routine maintenance section under tile replacement.

Furthermore, keeping aware of the current weather conditions can ensure you are prepared for damages to your roof.

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I don’t know what I am looking for!

Don’t worry you’re not alone. Trying to establish a fault from the ground is not always possible. Also, you may miss some crucial details that are causing problems. This is why GNR Roofing provides a roof survey report. One of our trained competent roofers will take a look at your entire roof covering and provide you with a roof report.

Moreover, GNR will alert you to any issues. Provide you with a detailed quotation of repairs and reassure you.

With advances in technology, GNR is also able to provide you with a Drone Roof Report. Including high-resolution imagery, Video footage and full condition report.

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What area’s do you cover?

GNR Roofing is based in York and covers approximately a 50-mile radius. So if you are looking for roof repairs in Leeds, Ripon, Driffield, Beverly, Darlington, Durham then we are the people to call.

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