As a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your property is correctly maintained. A common cause of significant water ingress into buildings is down to a lack of maintenance, especially In certain locations.

As a rule, city centre locations or those where there is an abundance of trees require more upkeep. Bird guano and detritus from fallen leaves can cause blockages in gutters, valleys and other roof outlets leading to water ingress into a property.

Such issues can easily be avoided with a maintenance plan, thus saving you money on reactive repairs. As such, a proactive approach to maintaining your property can pay dividends.

At GNR, we like to look after our clients and their properties even after we have undertaken extensive work. Our routine maintenance services are designed to help property owners, domestic or commercial, undertake regular maintenance at a reasonable cost before a problem arises.

As a result, we have devised the following to make your inquiry easy. Please provide us with as much information as you can, we will then take a look at the property and forward you a quotation for any repairs that we consider necessary. We don’t necessarily even need you to be present.

Our Maintenance Services

Roof Survey


Roof Survey & Advice

Complete condition report and advice of any repairs or medial works required 

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Slate & Tile Repairs

Fix broken tiles before they are the cause of a larger problem in the future slate or tile movement.

Roof Maintenance


Routine Maintenance

Avoid large bills and major repairs by regular maintenance to your roof and rainwater goods.



Gutter Clearance

A key to common issues of water ingress keeping gutters flowing is essential in poor weather.

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