Location: Eastward Avenue, York
Materials Used: 20/20 interlocking plain tiles,
Timber battens,
Codes 3 and 5 lead work,
Proctor Roofshield,
Dry ridge and hip systems.
Project Duration 4 weeks
Project Description: A “belt and braces” package was what the client at Eastward Avenue wanted from us and we happily obliged: a full re-roof, new rainwater goods, new lead bay tops, and insulation.
This property original had plain tiles on it; these are very traditional, but very small as well, which makes them very labour-intensive as well as being similar in price to much larger-profile tiles. With this in mind, we suggested to the client that we could use a large-format clay plain tile from Wienerberger that would give a similar appearance, but at a far lower cost. After viewing some tile samples and images of previous projects that we have done, they decided to go ahead.
We used a dry ridge system on this property, as we find that mortar on the ridges and hips tends to fail far quicker than the roof; this is reflected in recent changes to Bristish Standards regarding mortar-based fixings to move away from mortar-only fittings on roofs.
One final detail of note is the small lead detail at the top of the roof. As the ridge was so small here, it was particularly vulnerable to water ingress where the hips meet the ridge, so we installed a small lead detail to prevent any possibility of this.
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